React Cert Africa launched its certification services in September 2017 following successful accreditation by the South African National Accreditation Agency (SANAS) to ISO 17065:2012, the accreditation scheme for product certification companies. RCA is a locally owned locally managed third-party certification company, providing local solutions to businesses across Africa and the world.

The company was founded by Joyce Gema, working with a team of local experts, a Supervisory Board drawn from among certification experts and a dedicated team of 4 fulltime employees and a growing associate network across the wider Eastern Africa region.

React Cert Africa is working to grow its services and network of associates across Africa by the year 2024.

Our Work in Africa

Impartiality Statement

React Cert Africa Ltd, its Directors, Managers, Staff and others involved in the Certification of Organizations fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Certification Activities.React Cert Africa Ltd will therefore ensure that in its dealings with clients or potential clients, all employees or other personnel involved in Certification Activities are, and will remain, impartial.To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated, React Cert Africa Ltd has identified and risk-assessed all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality.

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