Our Service Packages

Active about Auditing Package

Our Service benefits

We provide ‘one stop shop’ product and management system audit and certification service for standards that we are approved for as listed in the public portal of our website.

Our service delivery charter provides timelines within which each step of the certification process is concluded. Timely service delivery is a cornerstone of our value delivery process. 

We follow a systematic step by step methodology of planning and delivering three year cycle certification audits.

We provide a clear and informative corrective action plan with root cause analysis to allow companies undertake remediation action with ease.


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We deliver value to our clients cost effectively, including through bulk buying.

Clients are assured of the steps towards certification and can plan with clear timelines.

Our system guarantees uniformity in services provided, regardless of the auditor who delivers the service.

We offer high quality services by local auditors each of whom has more than 10 years relevant experience at strategic level in the industry.

Active about Training Package

We offer generic management systems trainings that allow our clients and their personnel to build capacity to implement future proof sustainability systems.

Our training program is tailored appropriately to different categories of employees depending on their skills and competencies needs.

Annual client days that are aimed at updating our clients on changes to certification standards and requirements as well as sharing of good practices.

We build capacity of our clients and their personnel on various assessment and foot printing methodologies including methods for monitoring carbon emissions, water, energy and living wage.

Our Service Benefits 

Increased knowledge skills and competencies among our clients and their personnel on sustainable production.

Practical training courses allow users to gain experience and expertise on application and integration of sustainability certification criteria to day-to-day activities on the ground.

Reliable exchanges between clients that crosspollinate learning.

Clients implement data driven systems, analyzing and gathering just on time results that inform marketing and feed into certification activities.

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