About Us

With a strategic presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, React Cert Africa is successfully serving clients across these nations.

Who we are

React Cert Africa is an African owned African led certification company, registered in Kenya with strategic presence in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. React Cert Africa contextualizes international compliance standards to provide context specific certification services to clients in the African continent.

Our vision is to extend our footprint further by enlisting dedicated country representatives who will help us expand our reach and serve even more clients in these regions. We aim to have country representatives in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Egypt by end of 2024.

At React Cert Africa, our certification services are offered on three-year certification cycles or based on individual schemes, with surveillance audits annually. Once onboarded, we work with our clients through advance planning to ensure cycles are maintained.

Our objective is to grow our client base across sub-saharan Africa to over 1,000 while expanding schemes and sectors. This goal is underpinned by our aggressive expansion strategy, positioning React Cert Africa an industry leader in certification, testing and training services.

Join us on our journey towards unparalleled growth and excellence. Partner with React Cert Africa, where professionalism, authority, and unwavering dedication converge to redefine the future of certification services.

Explore our organizational chart for a visual overview of our company's structure.

Below is an organizational chart that provides a visual representation of our company's structure and hierarchy. This chart illustrates the relationships and roles within our organization, showcasing the various departments, teams, and key personnel who contribute to our collective success. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding our organizational dynamics and the chain of command that drives our operations forward.

How We Get Financial Support & Fees

React Cert Africa was founded by Tradecare Africa Limited, through a grant by Solidaridad East and Central Africa office, which allowed the company to gain accreditation and build capacity of its auditors. Between 2017 and 2020, React Cert Africa continued to receive financing from Tradecare Africa retained earnings and directors’ equity. The company turned gross margin positive in 2021 and has since financed its own operations including expansion. React Cert relies on its shareholders and directors for capital injection for any expansion activities and has no relationship with any other individual or entity.